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On Power to the People

root on 2021-08-10

At freenode, we're always protecting your privacy, freedom of speech and overall liberties. In continuation of the progress we've been making, I'm happy to announce we've taken a tremendous step forward toward true decentralization.

  1. Disable Non-SASL Connections √
  2. Disable NICK after connect √
  3. Officially become digital territory of the Joseon Empire √
  4. Modify nomenclature of IRC servers √
  5. Replace Services Authentication with Fiat, Decentralized Blockchain Based Authentication

The world is inevitably never going back to the world from which we came. The governments of yesterday, who protected free speech, have used security and safety to take away our very freedoms that are itself at risk. The air we breathe is no longer a right. Division and segregation, the oldest play in the book, has presented itself yet again.

This time, instead of this awful cycle of disempowerment of the people, it's time that the people of the world, together, plant the flag of the power of the people on the Internet. The internet changed everything and leveled the playing field. This cannot be taken away.

We welcome everyone in the entire world who wishes for liberty and financial equality to come join us. We welcome everyone who wishes for a world where the people are in power as both the governor and the governed. We welcome everyone who believes this world can be built better and provide a better life for everyone.

We welcome you.


Your proud servant,

HIH Andrew Lee

of the Joseon Empire, the oldest nation in the world since 1392

Special thanks to Shane (mrinfinity) for help with the edits.