Bans, quiets and invite and ban exemptions conventionally accept the format nick!user@host. On freenode another syntax, known as "extban", is accepted. These entries have the general format of X:data.

Matching extbans

These extbans match users in additional ways, for example, by account name.

Type Description
a: Matches a user in the format of nick!user@host+realname.
j: Matches anyone in the given channel. Does not support wildcards.
n: Matches users in a matching connect class.
r: Matches users with a given realname.
s: Matches users on a matching server.
z: Matches having the given TLS certificate fingerprint.
R: Matches users logged into a matching account.
U: Matches unregistered users matching the given traditional banmask.

Acting extbans

These extbans apply special restrictions to users matching the banmask.

Type Description
c: Blocks any messages that contain formatting codes from matching users
m: Blocks messages from matching users, while still allowing them to be on the channel (mute)
p: Blocks part messages from matching users
A: Blocks invites by matching users even when channel mode +A is set
B: Blocks all-caps messages from matching users
C: Blocks CTCPs from matching users
N: Blocks nick changes from matching users
Q: Blocks kicks by matching users
S: Removes formatting/color codes from matching users (an alternative to c:)
T: Blocks notices from matching users