Configuring SASL for Hexchat

These instructions were originally contributed by BlueShark. Thanks!

HexChat is a fork of XChat with in-built SASL support. It doesn't require any additional scripts for that purpose. The setup procedure is simple.

  1. Open the Network List (Ctrl + S)
  2. The freenode network may already exist; find it in the list then click on Edit
  3. In the User name field, enter your primary nick
  4. Select SASL (username + password) for the Login method field
  5. In the Password field, enter your NickServ password

If you are unable to edit the User name field, the change can be made in the User Information section on the Network List window.

If everything was configured correctly, you should see a SASL authentication successful message when you connect. You will already be identified to NickServ, so you don't need to do this again.