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[Announcement] PDPC Fundraiser

christel on 2005-01-23

Good evening to everyone. Here's hoping you're having an excellent new year. In the next day or so, Peer-Directed Projects Center, the IRS 501(c)(03) parent organization of freenode, will begin its fundraising campaign for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2006. We're still working on budget estimates for FYE 2006, and we begin the campaign with about $2,440 in donations over and above those required for the current year.

The board of directors of PDPC passed the following resolution today, pertaining to fundraising:

Whereas Peer-Directed Projects Center is an IRS 501(c)(03) organization, with a responsibility to contribute to the public welfare, and whereas donors to PDPC represent a broad range of community participants, and whereas the recent tsunami has demonstrated a genuine need for public support for international relief and welfare organizations, and

Whereas the welfare of children, nationally and internationally, is of significant importance to the future of Free and Open Source Software and Peer-Directed Projects, be it

Resolved, that during the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2005, one quarter of each donation to PDPC beginning in the near future will be forwarded to UNICEF, initially targetted toward tsunami relief efforts, provided that donors who so choose may opt out of this program and designate their donations specifically and solely for PDPC's own use, and

Resolved, that the Executive Director is instructed to begin this program as soon as is feasible from a technical, financial and public relations standpoint.

If you're considering a donation to PDPC, we strongly urge you to participate. Thanks in advance for your help, and thank you for using freenode!