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Customised Project Cloaks

christel on 2004-03-25

As of this morning, we've begun providing FOSS projects on freenode with customized cloaks, linking their participants publicly with the projects into which they've put so much time and effort. We think it's the ultimate community fashion statement. :)

If you'd like to wear a cloak and you think you might be eligible, check with your project lead to set it up. If you're a project lead and you'd like to set up cloaking, the FAQ should tell you everything you need to know. If you have any questions, just email staff at freenode dot net.

Thank you for using freenode!

ADDENDUM: Thursday 25 March 2004 at 07:20We'll be making one more change to cloaking near the end of the week. At midnight UTC on Saturday morning (Friday evening in much of the US), we'll be simplifying the foo.registered.freenode cloaks. From that point on, they will be simply: foo.registered. Thanks!

ANOTHER ADDENDUM Friday 26 March 2004 at 04:57We're going to go ahead and make the foo.registered change in a couple of minutes, but we'll change it in the services database, and not on any live nicks until sometime after midnight UTC. Some people will get the new cloaks, but it'll be a mixed bag. Services will be down for a bit. Thanks!