Django AMA

Swant on 2017-02-17

Start thinking of tricky questions! Once again the freenode community team is pleased to announce another Ask Me Anything (AMA). This time Django will be our guest. Read more about them in the blog post published last week.

This is your chance to ask Django all your questions about them: How do they utilize freenode? How can you contribute? And just who are these Django Girls we've heard so much about? Anything that you would be interested in learning about them, here's your opportunity!

The AMA is scheduled to take place on Wed Feb 22 18:00:00 UTC, 2017, so grab your calendar and make sure you don't miss it. You can watch the AMA in #freenode-ama and participate by asking questions in #freenode-ama-questions during the session. In the meantime be sure to visit their channel, #django, and get a head start on everyone else!

We hope to hold more Ask Me Anything sessions in the future. If this is something your project would be interested in, please reach out to us in #freenode-community or at