freenode, the world’s leading IRC network and home of the FOSS community, has entered into a partnership with FOSSHOST, the not-for-profit FOSS hosting provider empowering the backend for hundreds of FOSS projects empowering millions of people.

FOSSHOST will be providing infrastructure services including IRC nodes and will be working with freenode to provide infrastructure services to FOSS projects who make freenode their home as well as assisting with operations and the overall future.

Andrew Lee, President of freenode, said, “We’re excited to empower freenode users to be able to focus on their core mission. FOSSHOST will help projects focus on what matters most - building.”

Additionally, Thomas Markey, founder and CEO of FOSSHOST said, “Fosshost exists to give people choice. We have always provided FOSS based services that let projects focus on core priorities. Freenode has been our home since before we can remember, and we’re proud to help freenode help its community, the FOSS community. We’re also excited to host some of freenode’s IRC networking innovations. It’s a very cool time to be a volunteer at Fosshost.”


Freenode exists for FOSS. Founded in 1998, freenode has grown into the largest community for FOSS projects and users. Freenode is the world’s largest IRC network.


FOSSHOST is on a mission to empower free and open source software projects everywhere. FOSSHOST was launched in April 2020 by founder Thomas Markey and has since grown to become the largest infrastructure provider to FOSS projects.