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GCF Delays

christel on 2004-05-17

Hi all, To those of you who've submitted group contact forms and have not yet received replies, please be patient. With the volume of replies, we've had to work on finishing the database schemas for Registry just to have some way to keep up with them. So we're backed up, but we'll catch up as soon as we can.

In the meantime, the freenode fundraiser is moving along fairly slowly at this point. If you've been thinking about donating, now would be a very good time. If you've used the network and found it helpful, please think about making a donation so that we can grow the network and the nonprofit [PDPC, the not-for-profit entity which runs the network --Ed.] successfully.

If you're a corporate user of freenode, we can use your help. A one-time donation to Peer-Directed Projects Center, an IRS 501(c)3 (non-profit, tax-exempt) corporation, would help the network and allow you to support the community in a very visible way. Contact us for more information.

Your participation is essential to growing the network and the nonprofit. Please help us.