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ircd upgrades

Martinp23 on 2011-10-31

We've got some ircd upgrades in the works!

You may remember several weeks ago that we upgraded our ircd on the production network. Since then, we've wanted to fine-tune some changes and make sure that the upgrade is more consistent with the old version.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be looking to perform upgrades on the production network again. This will mean every server will reboot. A programme for the upgrades can be found at the end of this post (updated 13th Nov 2011).

In the meantime, please continue to help us to test the ircd at port 9002 or 9003 for SSL (if you don't get onto the first server that the DNS roundrobin gives you, keep trying!). Look for anything broken, inconsistent with previous versions (especially in terms of information release) or illogical. If serious issues are reported, we'll aim to fix before upgrading, rather than having a further later upgrade. Please report issues to #freenode-seven on the production network.


NB: this list does not include servers invisible to users (eg hubs). Week 1: Sun 13th Nov -!- Frankfurt, Germany -!- Corvallis, OR, USA -!- Corvallis, OR, USA (webchat backup)

Week 2: Sun 20th Nov -!- Paris, FR -!- Manchester, England -!- Pittsburgh, PA, US

Week 3: Sun 27th Nov
-!- Budapest, HU, EU -!- London, UK -!- Vilnius, Lithuania, EU -!- Corvallis, OR, USA (webchat)

Week 4: Sun 4th Dec -!- Rennes, France -!- Milan, IT -!- Ume?, SE, EU -!- Corvallis, OR, USA

Week 5: Sun 11th Dec -!- Sofia, BG, EU -!- Oslo, Norway -!- Washington, DC, USA -!- TX, USA -!- Newark, NJ, US

Unscheduled. -!- -!- -!- -!-

Update: all upgrades are now complete.