Over the last two decades, we have found that a variety of freenode community members have reached out to us when they have been involved in the hiring process at their places of work. We have always been keen to support and promote relevant topics within the wider freenode communities, and we are excited to be launching the new jobs.freenode.net website. Whether you are hiring for a permanent full-time role, looking to fill a temporary contract or looking to attract volunteer contributors for your FOSS project, we very much welcome and encourage you to use the site.

We hope that the new site will provide a useful addition to the existing freenode projects, such as the IRC network and the #live conference.


Head over to jobs.freenode.net and add your job openings! The service is free to use, although we would be grateful for a contribution towards the operating costs of freenode services and the #live conference in the event that you successfully match via the website. In the event that you successfully match and wish to make a contribution, please contact us on contribute@freenode.net.

FOSS or other peer-directed project on the hunt for volunteers?

Why not add a post on the jobs.freenode.net site to see if you may be able to attract some contributors from the wider freenode and FOSS communities?

Looking for a new job or a volunteer role?

Keep an eye on jobs.freenode.net to see if something of interest is added. We will utilise wallops on the freenode IRC network to provide a brief summary of available roles periodically, for those wishing to receive these, please set yourself +w (/umode +w or /mode yournick +w).

Feature requests, suggestions and feedback?

The github repository can be found here, you can also drop us an e-mail to jobs@freenode.net or find us in #freenode-jobs on the freenode network.