It has come to our attention that someone is going around other IRC networks, spamming channels with racist messages which suggest that they are promoting a channel here on freenode, and that we are aware and supportive of such.

We are monitoring the situation, but there's little we can do when they're targetting other networks, but we'd like to clarify that we of course do not support any racist or hate-inciting behaviour, which is strictly against our terms of use, and that the channel(s) referenced in the spam messages are in no way connected to the spam - rather they are innocent victims of a "Joe Job" designed to disrupt them as well as freenode.

Since there's little we can do to stop it on other networks, reporting each individual sighting, particularly in #freenode, is of limited value and likely to cause more noise than signal, but feel free to message a staffer (use the /stats p command to see who's available) if you have concerns, or particularly if you are part of the oper/staff team on another affected network and want to talk to us.