Did you hear? freenode #live is coming to town!

mattl from Handshake on 2018-10-01

A little over a month from now, the second freenode #live will take place at We The Curious in Bristol. With talks from many free and open source community leaders such as Leslie Hawthorn, VM Brasseur, Chris Lamb and Bradley Kuhn, freenode #live once again brings an international free software gathering to the South West.

Other exhibitors at this year’s event will be the returning main sponsor, Private Internet Access, as well as the Free Software Foundation, OpenSuSE, Minetest, Linux Journal and the Handshake Project.

Handshake is a new decentralized alternative DNS root, and for a short time before launch freenode users and members of the free and open source community are encouraged to sign up today at Handshake.org and receive free Handshake coins that can be used to purchase domain names when Handshake launches in the near future.

Tickets for the full event start at £15 (approximately USD $20, 18 Euro) but there is a free tier for those wanting to catch the talks and exhibition hall only. Bristol is well connected with Bristol International Airport (BRS) serving many European destinations, and the city is a few hours by train from London and Manchester.

Please note: This guest blog entry has been written by our sponsor Handshake.