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pdpc and the open source community

JonathanD on 2009-04-18

As we've mentioned in previous blog posts, pdpc, the parent organization that operates freenode, is very interested in offering more to the community.  To this end we've begun a number of other projects such as the new free-as-in-node podcastand "geeknics", but this is just a small part of the level of involvement we aspire to.  We want to do more for the projects and users that use freenode every day, and for the community they represent.

With this in mind, you will be seeing one aspect of this here on the blog, as we make an effort to highlight events, projects, and people in the open source community.  You will see references to these here, much like the "pimp my project" section on our podcast, as we strive to bring attention to these well deserving events, projects, and people.  We would, of  course, love to hear from you about any of this, or anything you think deserves a mention, but meanwhile we will be seeking out those that we find interesting and mentioning them here.

Expect to see more in the near future promoting interesting and fun things, along with some more community focused projects from the pdpc and freenode.  We want to offer you and everyone in the open source community even more.  Stay tuned!