ircd-seven 1.1.8

edk on 2019-06-17

Hi all,

We're preparing to release version 1.1.8 of ircd-seven and deploy it to the production network over the coming weeks.

This release incorporates a number of user-facing changes:

  • Monitor is restored to a usable state, and will be re-enabled.
  • Spam filtering can be opted-out of. Setting mode +u on yourself ( /umode +u or /mode yournick +u) will disable filtering for messages sent to you. Setting it on a channel will disable filtering for all messages sent to that channel.
  • /motd and /stats are no longer ratelimited unless directed at a specific server.

We're also introducing support for several IRCv3 features that may improve the experience on capable clients:

There's one more change that is not related to this release, but deserves mention: nearly two years ago, we developed an improvement to the +z channel mode, which sends messages that would have been blocked by +q or +m to channel operators instead. Our new version sends these messages to ops from the @-prefixed version of the channel:

:e!e@freenode/staff/spy.edk PRIVMSG @#test :I'm quieted

to make it easier for operators to distinguish between messages everyone can see and messages they can see due to +z.

This borrows the syntax from an existing feature, STATUSMSG, but is easy to tell apart from it, because only ops and voiced users can send to @channel normally.

We gated this behind a feature switch, and we've been waiting, largely passively, for client support to increase. It appears that everyone who wants to act on warnings has done so, and we'd like to commit to a date to enable it.

We'll be enabling this feature on the 31st of July 2019, UTC. If you op a channel that uses +z, please make sure your client handles it correctly. You can send test messages by using /msg @#channel test using a second opped connection for any channel where you have ops—your client should associate this message with #channel, and preferably distinguish it from normal messages in some way.

Thanks for using freenode, and I look forward to collaborating with many of you via a slightly less-antiquated medium.