Channel moderation and channel topics

christel on 2018-05-14

On freenode, we have always tried to minimise the amount of policies we apply across the network to allow projects to run their project channels in ways that complement their wider procedures and code of conducts for the projects both on and outside of IRC.

As such, a number of project channels opt to run their channels in a way that allows any user of the channel to modify the topic, and for most this is an approach that works most of the time, and ensures that updates can be announced and communicated effectively without all community members needing to be on the access list for the channel in question.

Naturally, the trade-off is that also those outside of the community are able to join and modify topics at will, and we are currently finding that a number of a project channels are having their topics changed to a message encouraging the users of the channel to move to a different channel.

In light of the above, we would like to ask that you check the modes and topics of your channel(s), and if appropriate reinstate your previous topic and decide whether or not you may wish to +t, even temporarily, to reduce disruption within your community.

Please do not hesitate to message a member of freenode staff for assistance!