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We're still here!

christel on 2007-08-14

It's been quiet on the blog front lately, we're mid holiday season so find ourselves somewhat lacking in active staff and this has kept most of those who are around tremendously busy. Both on freenode and with working on new stuff!

RichiH and I just got  back from Houston, TX a couple of weeks back. We flew over to deal with some PDPC business, visited the grave of Rob (lilo) and had the pleasure of meeting his wife and son. Prior to that we attended GUADEC where we got to meet a fair few users who gave us some valuable input and ideas for the network and where to go next! Thanks guys.

I was doing my early morning coffee + newspapers followed by blogs session while trying to wake up this morning and came across a couple of blog entries written by a user, they amused me, while also being somewhat accurate.. so I figured I would share. A list of annoying IRC personalities and also part 2.