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Who Are freenode Staff? (Part 2 of ?)

SportChick on 2009-02-02

It's been a while since we posted Part 1 of our series on "Who Are freenode Staff?" - which makes it about time to post a bit more.

Gary - Since today is Gary's birthday, it's only fitting to discuss his deep-seated desire to be helpful to others!__ Although he has been on numerous irc networks since he first discovered irc in the late 90s, he found himself on freenode and wrangled into doing what he does (and loves) best - helping others. Luckily, freenode staff had no need to brainwash Gary when he joined up - he was already completely sold on the network and its philosophy. Gary was, however, christel's biggest proponent in painting the network pink! If he had his choice, Gary would paint all the network trolls pink and then put them on display for others to laugh at them, rather than allowing them to bog things down.

LoRez - LoRez has been on staff nearly as long as Santa Claus has been making rounds. Although he was formerly considered immortal and omnipotent, he had to come to terms with having had "normal" roots - he first came to freenode via openprojects. He's never lost his edge though; he once wrote perl code and had hippie hair, now he'd rather quit his job and sell gas to everyone for $1!

_wimt - Though some may think of wimt as being somewhat pathological, don't hold it against him - it's his degree that causes him to be that way. Though he seems to consider himself somewhat uncreative, he considered throwing the contents of his desk across the room when he left his last position. wimt first came to freenode via wikipedia and has stuck around due to the friendliness of people on the network. _