25 years ago—On the 6'th of August 1991—the world's first website went live, and it's still there.

In other words, the world wide web is celebrating silver jubilee today.

Imagine where we would've been without it. Would your project exist? Would freenode exist?

On behalf of freenode, I'd like to give all our sponsors a big shoutout, for making freenode possible—read more about who they are on our acknowledgements page.

And lastly we would like to thank you, the people that use freenode, the people who use freenode for your projects, the people that contribute to keeping the internet full of Free and Open Source Software. You are a part of what took the internet this far and a part of what keep it, and a lot of other tech related things, evolving.

Stay with us, it's freenode's porcelain jubilee this year, keep chatting, keep the internet open.