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Hi, all. In about a day, we'll be dropping expired nicks and channels, registered with NickServ and ChanServ, which have been unused for at least 120 days. This is a semi-automated process; we do it every so often to clear out the deadwood in the services databases. If you don't regularly IDENTIFY to NickServ, please start as soon as you can. Remember that this is the only way we can determine that your IRC nicknames and channels are used.

In other news, the testnet is now running a new release, dancer-ircd-1.0.31+pre19. This means we're getting closer to 1.0.32, but we need your help to test it all out. Please take a look at the original news article and come help us test!

Finally, we asked the editors of Computerworld to provide an RSS feed for their SCO coverage page, and they were kind enough to set it up and write us back in about an hour. You may want to add this to your newsbot or add it to knewsticker or your Evolution summary page, to help keep up with the news.

Have a great evening!