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Hubbing Problems

christel on 2003-07-21

It's been an interesting week or so. We've lost our best hubbing in EU; the facilities host ran out of money to pay bandwidth and had to dump his free software projects. We've attempted to fall back to new and old hubs in the US but stability has been unpromising. We suspect that the recently announced Cisco problem may be affecting us as well, though we can't be sure to what extent, other [oopsie removed --Ed.] than some known Cisco router reboots. But we are having hubbing problems. Your editor is writing this in somewhat sleep-deprived mode, having spent a fair amount of time rehubbing earlier in the day. Expect more rehubbing today, as we do our best to work with what resources we have available. If you're thinking about hosting a freenode hub or main rotation server, now is definitely the time to help us out. Thanks!

In other interesting and more positive news, freenode has the unusual opportunity to welcome a group which has already been on the network for some time. Our #redhat channel has been registered for over five years, and has been a venue for some excellent unofficial support from such Red Hat employees as spot and mharris. The latest news is that Red Hat Linux has become.... Red Hat Linux. More properly, the underlying Red Hat Linux free software project has been reconstituted and is now maintained as a discrete project. RHL has officially moved to freenode as a development project. We welcome one of our newest, and one of our oldest, participating GNU/Linux distributions! :)

Finally, we continue to work on testing dancer-ircd 1.0.32. We're currently at 1.0.31+pre22. There will be at least one more pre-release for feature cleanup, but what we have running on the testnet (, port 9001) is as solid as we can make it at test loads. Please help us test by opening up a client or two or a hundred. We really need your help. We'll be going back in to clean up the hubbing this afternoon or evening, in line with whatever changes we make to the production environment. Stop in first chance you get.

Have a great day! Edit:

As an added "nudge", it's contest time. Be the first to find any new reproducible bug on the test net (, port 9001) and win a yournick.bugcatcher.freenode spoof for a month on the production network. :) We'll make it yournick.bugslammer.freenode for a reproducible segfault. [Submit to bugs at freenode dot net --Ed.] Extra points for providing a patch. Limit one person per bug. :)