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Expired Nicks/Channels Purge

christel on 2003-03-16

Good evening to all. In a few minutes, staff will be purging the services databases of expired nicknames and channels. We do this from time to time, to keep the databases free of clutter from unused nicks and channels. Nicknames are considered to be expired when they have been unused for 60 days. Channels are considered to be expired after 120 days. But we will only be expiring nicks and channels which have been unused for at least 120 days in this manual run. When a channel founder's nick is dropped, the channel is also dropped.

Please note that we can only tell that you've used your nick if you've identified yourself to NickServ (/msg nickserv help identify). And we can only tell that your channel is in use if some user in your access list, identified to NickServ, periodically joins the channel. Please don't forget to IDENTIFY!

If your channel is dropped even though it is in use, we'll be happy to help you resolve the problem. Stop by #freenode or email us (staff at freenode dot net). For more information on services expiration issues, please take a look at our FAQ.

Have a great week!