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Happy New Year 2003!

christel on 2003-01-01

Happy New Year to everyone. We appreciate your being with us for another year, and hope that 2003 will be a very productive year for all of the projects which live on freenode. If you'd like to kick off the New Year on a helpful note, please consider hosting a server or making a donation to our parent organization.

It's been about four and a half months since our name change, so we're doing some cleanup for the new year. The hostnames have been obsolete for several months and we have removed most of them today. If you're using one, please change it from "openprojects" to "freenode".

Have an excellent year!

If your client points to "", you'll be getting notices on an ongoing basis. Be sure to reconfigure your client to point to "" and then reconnect to get back to the main rotation; then you'll no longer get notices on the subject. If you were pointed to by a project web page, irc hostname or irc client default, please let the project owners know to change that pointer. Thanks!