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Free-as-in-node episode 3 released!

JonathanD on 2009-04-13

The third installment of  free-as-in-node has just been released! Head on over to to listen or download.

In this episode, you'll hear all about freenodes april fools joke and our exploding growth (currently at around 57,000 online users).  Also discussed is the php testfest with input from mgdm (Michael Maclean) in this weeks pimp my project, and then a bit of soapboxing and the announcement of the new "freenode party" in UK politics, so that we too can partake of free-as-in-shoes-your-taxpayers-bought-you.  Make sure you sign our petition before Christel shuts down freenode!

In addition, we'll let you know whats going on in the world with our take on the talks between Sun and IBM, Debian eating FreeBSD, the new Gnome 3.0 roadmap, and news on TomTom's settlement with Microsoft.  We'll also talk about Fedora11beta with updates on our experience on the next episode.

We also discuss the "geeknic" once again with the announcement of yet another geeknic, this one in the Philadelphia area in less than a week! If you can make it, bring us a canoe or kayak.

This week closes again with a wonderful morsel from Bryn_S.  We'll see you in two weeks!