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#freenode: Autovoice Trial

skenmy on 2008-08-28

It's been a while since we touched the layout of #freenode - we are generally quite pleased with how things run in there! However, we believe that it needs to be easier for a user to identify a member of staff when they join the channel - our current system of using a mixture of

  • /stats p

  • voiced in #freenode (+v)

  • /who freenode/staff/*

is both confusing and cumbersome for users who may be unfamiliar with how IRC works. So, as of today, we are implementing a trial change to #freenode, whereby all online staff (not just those who are flagged on /stats p) will be autovoiced (+v) on #freenode.

/stats p will still give a list of on call staffers, so don't worry about that. The change is intended to help users, new and old alike, to recognise staff and find support when they need it. To many users, especially those not familar with the freenode ethos, it is strange coming into a help channel and finding no operators.

It is important to note that those users who provide help in #freenode are more than welcome to continue doing so - we appreciate the assistance you provide us to those repetitive questions! freenode will only be able to offer support through staffers, however, and these will always be voiced (+v) in #freenode.