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Here, there be blog posts

RichiH on 2007-02-15

If you are reading christel's blog, you will know that we have been mulling over creating a staffblog. It is not meant as an official newsfeed like freenode news, it is our semi-official way to talk about what happens behind the scenes, what makes us happy and what we think needs changing. We really do hope to get this thing flying and are aiming for at least one entry per week. Let us see how good we do once novelty wears off..

We will start our regular blogging with a message from christel, our head of staff. Most of you will probably have heard of her, anyway. For those who did not, she is a twenty-something nurse trying to live in the UK. She fails horribly at this and is cursed with lots of traveling around the world. Apart from Free Software and open communities, her interests include pink.

Expect to see her first post soonish. :)