On Free Speech

root on 2021-07-16

The freenode digital territory stands for freedom, and that includes free speech.

The White House has begun working with facebook to actively direct the platform on which posts to censor. Further, it is working with top influencers to let them know what to say. In other words, the largest social media platform is under White House control and so are the top influencers on social media. The programming of people, or TV programming, has completed its shift to our internet.

While I will always maintain a perpetual friendship with the President of the United States, the current administration has deployed people with alleged questionable affiliations. According to the article, this person had affiliation with a trolling group, or false information spreading operation. She is a strong supporter of the group who tried to take down freenode and the real FOSS movement, as is joepie91, who helped spread the smear campaign against myself and freenode.

The combination of association with these seedy individuals and the new tactics of deploying state control over the largest social media platform in the world and influencers for hire has brought me to a pause. Mr. President, my friend, I urge you to reexamine the long term consequences of these decisions. Some dogs see a bone hidden behind a fence and try to get to it directly. Smarter dogs walk around the fence and easily get to the bone, while the other dogs are still clawing at the fence. The answer is not always a direct path. Facebook already backtracked on previous bans, because understandings evolve as more information becomes evident. Censorship is not the answer.

The internet belongs to the people, and the people deserve the freedom of thought, discussion and expression. People deserve access to information, from any source, and they deserve to be able to make their own independent, educated decisions. Anything short of that is disrespect. Mark Zuckerberg, your users are not dumbfucks.

In the meantime, the freenode digital territory and the freedom of the sovereign digital state will be maintained as a safe haven for free speech. If you're looking for internet freedom, it is here, and no other nation will ever pressure us nor force us to censor it.

Feel free to come to freenode, make a channel about your topic and discuss and share, openly and freely.

For freedom, and for you,

HIH Andrew Lee of Joseon

of the freenode autonomous zone