In the story of the Garden of Eden, it is said that the forbidden fruit was encouraged to be eaten by the Devil. The story goes that eating the fruit was the direct action that resulted in man to be expelled from the garden.

Fast forward to 2021, Apple has now spent the past several years re-positioning itself as a privacy company. Much like the story of the Trojan Horse, which appeared to be a gift, Apple too appeared to be a truly trustable and hardlined privacy company. In the end, however, with the masses having migrated to Apple products, like Trojan Horses and Pandora's Boxes go, there's no turning back. Apple has scientifically proven and asserted that encrypted content scanning is absolutely possible - now it will be enforced. Some fruits really aren't meant to be eaten.

Although people get themselves caught like Hillary's admin in terms of the emails she allegedly illegally deleted and was not jailed for, someone can also plant evidence and determine your fate. We've seen planted evidence from the US government. Even though the FBI was the one making the posts, a little too coincidentally, the FBI suddenly labeled forums and conspiracy theorists as terrorists.

The internet became too powerful, and the power of the people and our control of the narrative is waning faster than it appeared. Slowly, but surely, one group has taken control of our news, while social media itself has gone from the voice of the people to the narrative as determined by the government. When government officials with no medical background are paying influencers who have NaN experience in science or medicine to encourage people of the world to inject themselves with an experimental drug that mutates cells, hasn't been tested, and isn't even approved by existing policies that were developed over hundreds of years to protect society, there's a problem.

To think, this all started with the combination of Pizza night and the people protesting the streets in 16+ countries before the "lockdowns" began. I wish these organized groups would have stayed in the sewers like the Turtles. By the way, how's the new job going, Tony?

Anyway, I will no longer be using Apple from this day forward, even though while getting shit on in the FOSS community for it, I continued to do so. Trust is really dead - don't trust, verify is really where we're at. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise - without verification.

Democracies like America are not their leaders - they are the people - it's you. It's not over yet, keep fighting the good fight - the fight for civil liberties and rights that will maintain the balance, the yin and the yang, between the governors and the governed. In history, whenever the people came too close to unitary thinking, monarchs, kings, and today, "republics," attempted to divide and conquer. There aren't two parties. There's just one government and the people it rules. Instead of the government surveilling you, demand that the public servants are surveilled at all times. To serve the people, one must give up one's rights.

The power of the people rules this world.

On behalf of the free world,

HIH Andrew Lee, Joseon