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Server Issues

christel on 2002-10-01

Good day to all. Many of you will have noticed that freenode has been experiencing server problems over the last few days. Problems are likely to continue. The network needs new main rotation hub and leaf servers. If you think you might be interested in hosting a server, please take a look at our server hosting page and email to: staff at freenode dot net.

This is also an important time to mention that, while we are not in a formal fundraising drive, the nonprofit [PDPC, the not-for-profit entity which runs the network --Ed.] needs funds to continue to maintain and develop the services we provide and those we intend to provide. We have servers and bandwidth and can get more. We have volunteers to work on the network. Our biggest problem is not having consistent time to spend coordinating support, server and routing improvements.

Over 8,000 users utilize the network on a daily basis. When we're not asking for help in a direct way, it's easy to forget that we're here, keeping the service running as best we can. If you're one of our users, please let us know that you find the network helpful. Express your support in a way that makes a difference by making a donation to help keep us running.

Thank you for using freenode, and have a great day!