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Hubbing Issues

christel on 2002-10-02

We had another interesting hubbing evening. Apparently someone tore up not one, but two fibers, leading to our primary European hub. We simultaneously had some problems with our US hubbing. Things are settling back to normal in our temporary hubbing configuration, and we expect to have to rehub sometime within the next 24 hours to bring things back to a more permanent state. Again, if you think you might be interested in hosting a server, this would be a good time to look at the server hosting page. Email to: staff at freenode dot net. Obligatory comment about our needing better coordination, which takes consistent time availability. If you'd like to help resolve that problem, please consider a donation.

One of our main rotation hub servers that dropped off the map will be returning at a new colocation facility. The hosting technical staff has found (and hopefully corrected) a motherboard-related reliability issue. Again, we'll monitor the stability of the server over the course of several days and see how it shapes up.

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